We are the oldest and most experienced non-governmental organization working for the protection of human rights in Poland and Eurasia. Our mission is to develop the culture of freedom and human rights in the country and abroad. 

Who we are

What is our purpose?

We carry out our activities to assure that the rights of individuals, guaranteed by international treaties and the Constitution, are truly protected and respected.

What do we want to achieve?

The goal is to reinforce the human rights movement in the world and the social support for this concept, in order to live in a place, where our individual and community rights are obeyed and laws are drafted with respect for human dignity.

What makes us different?

We deal with a significant range of issues, compared to other Polish organisations in the field of human rights.

Our team consists of experts specialised in specific subject areas, with solid substantive and practical expertise.

With over thirty years of experience, we are skilled at coordinating many initiatives to demand respect for human rights effectively. We intervene in actual cases, get involved in precedent legal proceedings that could affect regulations and application of the law in practice, formulate opinions on draft legislation and suggest amendments in those already in force so that they fully take into account human rights. We are elso engaged in advocasy - we prepare reports for international organisations and have meetings with representatives from other countries to explain the status of respect for human rights. We have an impact on shaping the public debate through development of informative materials, organisation of meetings and teaming up with other NGOs to be more effective.